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The source declined to provide the name of the additional company. The source added that the central bank hopes the currency will eventually be made available to spenders in the United States and elsewhere through relationships with correspondent banks in the West. And last week, Bank of England governor Mark Carney floated the idea of a new currency backed by a number of central banks get bitcoin replace the U.

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Also, instead of using an algorithm to limit supply, like bitcoin, Mu says the PBoC itself will control supply. But China may not be the best alternative. Earlier this month, as part of the escalating trade war between the Get bitcoin States and China, U.

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While China has denied the charge and called the U. In addition to being a more efficient way to track money laundering, bribery and other transactions, Get bitcoin says, the cryptocurrency will give banks increased confidence in the creditworthiness of borrowers, let merchants receive payments instantly and lower transaction fees.

Cryptocurrency is just one of the means to have a more internationalized renminbi.

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