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Anyway, as I was saying. I was also a bit disappointed by the ending. Ваш e-mail не будет опубликован. Обещаем, что наши письма будут не слишком частыми и совсем не скучными. With the support of her sister, Scarlett sets off for the mysterious island where Legend has indicated that the Caraval is taking place. And this novel delivered that, but its relatively achieved grandeur was overshadowed bit by bit till the end.

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He will do horrible things to them or other people if they dare try to escape. Stephanie Garber has a keen eye for details, and spends a lot of time on descriptions, but some of them just felt off to me. Thanks so much for stopping by this page.

Неужели нельзя было как-то разузнать? There is nothing new or exhilarating here. I kind of was expecting that ending, to be honest.

Волшебный парнавал неповторимый Караваль — отчасти — парк развлечений, отчасти — Венецианский карнавал, отчасти — игровое шоу, заманчивый квест, поиск сокровищ в антураже готического цирка. There is an overall dark feel to this book, and there is some disturbing violence in a fantasy-related sense, but it was necessary and intriguing to the story line.


Honestly I loved it even more the second time.

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Я бросила чтение на середине, поставив книге оценку «2» — на большее на она просто не тянет, к сожалению No wait, HE was a mess. Then shallow me saw the inside cover and had to read it.

Every single chapter had some sort of twist, and whether it was minor or major, it got me. How can I write a review for this giant ball of awesome and do it justice? Впервые карнавчл русском языке!

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Беглянка Академия высокого искусства. Some things are worth pursuit regardless of the cost. Обещаем, что наши письма будут не слишком частыми и совсем не скучными. Dec 02, Lists with This Каргавал.

Стефани Гарбер «Караваль»

For one thing, this is a writing style that never appeals to me. The premise is complicated, but in a good way.

Книга на один раз. Aug 09, Ida rated it really liked it Shelves: But it was really really well done!!

«Караваль» Стефани Гарбер

It was merely anticlimactic. Caraval surpassed all my expectations and more. И знаете, не жалко. Просто это не «дамская фантастика», как мы уже привыкли. Тем не менее она запуталась в играх любви, горя и магии с другими игроками.


Стефани Гарбер «Караваль»

There were so many lies and so many secrets and so many games and manipulation that it honestly ended up being exhausting. Эту игру ежегодно проводит магистр Легендо.

Волшебное место, игра, за участие в которой люди готовы отдать все. From the very beginning, Scarlett goes on and on about the gorgeous men around her — Julian and Dante — often forgetting that her sister is missing because she is so caught up in her own romantic ambitions. Дятел 1М. It makes me wonder if the author read it too.